Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

August 16, 2008 August Cleanup Day Sees Major Results

August 16, 2008

PLLPS held a cleanup day at the lighthouse to prepare the grounds and the interior of the lighthouse for the fall schedule of events, including the two day Lighthouse Challenge. The weather was hot, but that didn't stop our volunteers from putting in a full day's work- and more! We managed to begin the cleanup of the inside of the lighthouse and made major progress on long overdue yardwork, including removing a number of trees and shrubs that not only threatened the lighthouse and surrounding structures, but also just looked unkempt. Check out the pictures below and be sure to visit the lighthouse at an upcoming event to see the new look!

Volunteer Lisa Owen, caught on the wrong side of the fence, while volunteers Christina and Missy look on.

Robert helps edge the sidewalk

Missy hauls limbs and more limbs to be taken to a compost pile

More limbs!

Robert's Truck gets lost in the yard debris. We know it is under there somewhere.

Dense brush removal from the south side fence

More weeds that need to be removed

Out of control tree removed to save the fence and 1927 windmill platform

This tree was removed from the north side of the lighthouse to prevent damage to the foundation

Christina removes the very thick weeds from the drainage ditch. What a difference!

Farmer Chuck mows the law while we all think of the Green Acres theme tune

Our newest- and youngest- volunteer Josh, helps his Mom and fellow volunteer Lisa Owen. Josh wasn't much help with the yard work but he provided much needed comic relief, and was very content watching everything going on around him.

Photos by Sandra Sableski