Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

Navy Golf Ball Tower Finally Removed!  

The Navy continues to make progress with removing debris from historically significant coal and buoy sheds, which are part of the Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex.  Since the June Open House, the Navy has removed the golf ball tower that has been a blight on the lighthouse landscape for many years.  Unfortunately, the lighthouse is without electrical power and the cause is still under investigation. During the open house, a replica of Captain John Smith's boat sailed around the point, providing visitors with a rare glimpse into the past.


Captain John Smith's Boat

A Replica of explorer Captain John Smith's Boat exits the Potomac River


Over 170 visitors toured the lighthouse, including Mrs. Mildred Vought, a descendent of lighthouse keeper William Yeatman (1871-1908).  Mrs. Vought lived in the lighthouse for a brief time when she was a child.


The Voughts

Mr. and Mrs. Vought


We also welcomed our newest volunteer, Jackie Harris.