Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

July 5, 2008 July Open House Hosts Calico Jack

July 5, 2008

The July Open House welcomed 205 visitors as the park swelled to capacity early in the day. While it wasn't as hot as the June Open House, the humidity more than made up for the lower temperatures, and gone were the gentle breezes that wafted through the lighthouse in June. Late in the day, a slight breeze blew from the east.

Visitors were welcomed with a special treat as the musical duo known as Calico Jack played from noon until 2 pm. Janie Meneely and Paul DiBlasi played old favorites from their CD, "The Oyster Wife" including a song written by Janie Meneely about the Point Lookout Lighthouse, along with new songs from Calico Jack's soon to be released CD. A video of the Point Lookout song can be seen for Windows users by clicking on the link below:


Please visit Janie's website for further information about her work and future performances:


Be sure to stop by the PLLPS table in the North Side Living Room at an upcoming open house to purchase Point Lookout merchandise, which includes Calico Jack's CD, The Oyster Wife. All proceeds go to the preservation society and directly benefit the lighthouse.

On a less auspicious note, sometime during the week before the open house, vandals once again broke into the lighthouse, severely damaging the north side basement door. This is the second historically significant door that has been destroyed and cannot be replaced. The culprits have not been found. If anyone has information about the break-ins, please contact the Point Lookout State Park or the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Park employees and PLLPS Volunteers took the necessary steps to re-secure the lighthouse. PLLPS is working on a proposal to have security lighting installed at the lighthouse to prevent future attacks on this valuable historical structure. Restoring the lighthouse is a difficult enough task without the constant vandalism. PLLPS offers nighttime paranormal investigations to allow the public to visit the lighthouse at night without destroying the property. Prosecution of a break-in from earlier this year recently took place, although the courts will not release any details since the case involved minors.

Vandals Damage the North Side Basement Door

Calico Jack Performs on the Potomac River Side of the Point Lookout Lighthouse

Calico Jack Performs the Point Lookout Song

Old Glory, Gently Waving in the Light Afternoon Breeze

Visitors Enjoying the Calico Jack Performance

Photos by Robert Hall; video by Dustin Rusk.