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Blue & Gray Days Extended Open House Weekend Extended June Open House Welcomes

Blue & Gray Days Visitors and is a steamy success

June 7-8, 2008

The annual 2008 Blue and Gray Days event, held at Point Lookout State Park for the last 25 years, was held on the same weekend as the regularly scheduled Point Lookout Lighthouse Open House. Based on comments from previous participants of the Blue and Gray Days, PLLPS agreed to expand the open house to include Saturday and Sunday. Visitors were treated to Civil War re-enactments in the Fort Lincoln area, with reenactors bravely donning Civil War era garb more appropriate for a cold winter's night. Cannon and musket fire from Fort Lincoln could be heard at the lighthouse. Our fellow friends group, the Friends of Point Lookout, hosted the Blue and Gray days. Last October, both of our groups participated in the Spirits of Point Lookout event. For more information about the Friends of Point Lookout, please visit their website at:


PLLPS participated at the Blue and Gray Days at Point Lookout State Park on June 7th and 8th. Saturday saw 185 visitors to the lighthouse, as our volunteers endured one of the hottest and most humid June days in recent memory. Our volunteers also did a fantastic job on Sunday, however, we only saw 32 visitors on Sunday, which seemed to be even hotter than Saturday. A late lifting fog on Saturday and a gentle breeze on both days provided some relief from the heavy, humid air. The temperatures were also kept lower by the 62 degree temperature of the Bay water. The design of the lighthouse does allow for the breeze to blow through the house. We all had a small taste of what the keepers faced every summer at Point Lookout for days on end. Not to mention how horrible it must have been for the prisoners and hospital patients, who lived just north of the lighthouse during the Civil War.

A foggy view of the lighthouse. In the early morning hours of Saturday, the fog was so thick that the causeway appeared to be a tunnel, with no visibility of the water on either side of the narrow road.

The fog begins to lift, but didn't deter visitors from touring the lighthouse.

A Lone Fisherman Casts into the Bay, outside the lighthouse fence.

A Visitor from England; her ancestors fought in the American Civil War

The Young Ladies in this Picture are Descendents of Keeper William Yeatman

Photos by Kim Hammond