Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

April 26, 2008 May Open House Welcomes Visitors From All Over

May 3, 2008

The weather for the May open house was perfect, as we welcomed 164 visitors, including a number of unique visitors, including one couple visiting the country from their native Italy, and two other couples from England. Many visitors were unaware of the open house, and just happened upon the lighthouse and were drawn in by the new banner displayed on the fence. A number of publications are now listing the open house events in the weekend things to do about town.

PLLPS welcomed another volunteer, Candace Milcarzyk at the May open house. Thanks Candace and welcome to our group!


Our new banner welcomes visitors at the front gate


Point No Point Lighthouse

Point No Point, located approximately 6 miles up the Bay, can be seen in the distance.


Point No Point, close-up

Through the magic of digital photography, a close-up view of the Point No Point Lighthouse. Previous Keeper Charlie Kidd would have to get out of bed every two hours to ensure that he could see Point No Point; if he couldn't see the light, then he would have to start the compressor to power the Point Lookout fog horn.



Bay Side Porch

View of the porch from the Bay side. Although the exterior was completely renovated in 2002, maintenance work is required. As you can see in this picture, the steps need to be painted.


Visitors from North Carolina

Visitors from North Carolina visit the north side living room and peruse PLLPS merchandise.


South Side Dining Room

Visitors in the south side dining room. Volunteer Candace Milcarzyk is in the lower right hand corner.


Visitors from England

Visitors from England pose in the north side living room.


Rob Jones and Chuck Kohls

Volunteer Chuck Kohls greets our lighthouse contact, Rob Jones of Point Lookout State Park.


Potomac Side of the Lighthouse

Visitors exit the lighthouse, while the flag blows in the breeze. We hope to repair the existing flag pole on the bay side of the lighthouse in the near future.

A special thanks to all our volunteers and visitors who braved record high gas prices to visit the lighthouse. Please join us for the June open house, when we will participate as part of the Blue and Gray days, a Civil War era re-enactment held by the "Friends of Point Lookout" group who maintain historic Fort Lincoln in the Point Lookout State Park.

Photos by Kim Hammond