Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

Unusually Hot October Open House Starts with Setback

October 6, 2007

Robert Hall arrived at Point Lookout a little early for the open house, in order to setup the new merchandise table, but those plans were quickly dashed when he discovered that the lighthouse had been vandalized.  A basement access door was kicked in and the historically significant south side basement door was also severely damaged.  A report was taken by the Natural Resources Police (NRP), and video footage from the security cameras is under review.  Additional evidence was left at the scene.  The vandalism occurred sometime between September 20th and October 6th.  Please contact NRP or the Point Lookout State Park at: (301) 872-5688 if you have any information about this break in.


Vandals Damage Historically Significant Door

Damage to the historically significant basement door. Photo courtesy of PLLPS Volunteer Jackie Harris.


On a brighter note, the PLLPS greeted 149 visitors to one of the hottest and most humid October days in recent memory!  A number of visitors learned of the open house from an announcement that the PLLPS placed in the Community News insert that is included with the local electric company's bills (SMECO).  PLLPS began selling t-shirts and lighthouse prints as a fundraising activity.

We would like to thank our volunteers and visitors for their time on such a warm day!