Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

October 2, 2010 October Open House Hosts 261 Visitors

October 2, 2010

The October open house hosted a record breaking 261 visitors, including a number of girl scouts and a graduating cultural anthropologist from St Mary's College, which is located just up the road from the lighthouse. We were very pleased with the turnout and the weather cooperated very nicely. We were also very fortunate that the 15+ inches of rain that fell on the area in the days before the open house only caused minor basement flooding.

Please join us on November 6th for the final open house of the 2010 season! Not to worry, we'll be back in April 2011.

A lighter moment with volunteers Dustin Rusk and Lucas Marlatt

Lucas shows off his PLLPS name badge. He is all decked out in his skeleton jacket.

Judy smiles as she works the sales table. This sister act is unbeatable at the gift shop!

Nita, the other half of the dynamic duo, works in the gift shop.

Volunteer Eunice Knott in the south side dining room.

An artistic shot of a smiling Sandra Sableski. She is surrounded by history!

Photos by Ryan Marlatt