Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

April 26, 2008 PLLPS Attends Piney Point Waterfront Festival

May 10-11, 2008

The Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc. was pleased to join another Potomac River Lighthouse, Piney Point, for their annual Waterfront Festival. Piney Point and Point Lookout lighthouses have a number of things in common, such as the same builder built both lighthouses and members of the Yeatman family served as keepers. Piney Point was built in 1836 and served as an active aid to navigation until 1964. For additional information about the lighthouse, please visit the Piney Point Lighthouse, Museum and Historic Park website at:


The weather for the Waterfront Festival dampened the turn-out, but not the enthusiasm of the attendees and staff of the two day event. Saturday started off as a cool, gray rainy day, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the Piney Point Elementary School Chorus, as they sang the National Anthem while the flag was raised and the crowd stood for the ceremony. Additional activities included an art contest, a performance by a local band, The Piney Point Playboys and a wade-in into the waters of the Potomac River, with commissioner Jackie Russell and Kenny Dement. The weather improved as the day went on, and by early afternoon, the temperatures were spring like and the sun made a much appreciated appearance.

Piney Point saw a number of pups in attendance, out for a stroll with the family. The keeper's quarters, which were previously rented and occupied by tenants, hosted an art show for students of the Piney Point Elementary School, and also gave visitors a look into the interior of this structure, which was built by John Donohoo and is similar to the original Point Lookout structure from 1830.

Mother's Day started out with a chill in the air and gray skies, but by early afternoon, the skies became threatening and exhibitors scrambled at the close of the day to remove their displays.

PLLPS would like to thank our friends at Piney Point for inviting us to their annual event and everyone that stopped by our table to find out about Point Lookout! We would also like to wish the best to the St. Clements 100 and the opening this summer of the re-built Blackistone Lighthouse, located on St. Clement's Island. The Blackistone Lighthouse is also similar to the original Point Lookout Lighthouse, c. 1830.


Piney Point Elementary School Chorus

As the skies cleared on Saturday, The Piney Point Boys entertained the visitors.


PLLPS Roving Display

The PLLPS Display table, which included a lighthouse replica built by volunteer Barbara Loukota and our newly redesigned PLLPS portable Display board, designed by volunteer Barbara Woodel.



A fireplace adorns the Piney Point keeper's house. In 1830, Point Lookout Lighthouse was built with 2 fireplaces in the present day living rooms, on on the south wall and another on the north wall.


Piney Point Elementary School Chorus

The Piney Point Elementary School Chorus Performs on the porch of the Piney Point Lighthouse, as the Piney Point Tower looks on in the background. This lighthouse was kept in the early 20th century by William Yeatman's son before he finally returned to his childhood home at Point Lookout Lighthouse.


Piney Point Elementary School Chorus

The Piney Point Elementary School Chorus performs on the porch of the keeper's quarters.


Potomac Wade-In

County Commissioner Jackie Russell and Kenny Dement seeking voluntters to participate in the wade-in to measure the clarity of the water


Shelterfrom the Rain

Exhibitors appreciated the tent as we greeted visitors just outside the lighthouse and keeper's quarters.


Ring the Bell

Ringing the bell was a very popular- and appropriate- activity, given the low visibility conditions throughout the morning.



For whom the bell tollls, it tolls for thee

Just beyond the table of the Chesapeake Chapter of the US lighthouse society, young visitors ring the bell


A brick wall inside the keeper's quarters. Piney Point Lighthouse was built by John Donohoo, but unlike Point Lookout, the keeper's quarters and the tower were separate structures. We plan to display architectural features such as the original brick walls when the interior of the Point Lookout Lighthouse is restored to the 1927 era.


English Chocolate Lab

An English Chocolate Labrador Retriever rests while her family tours the lighthouse tower and keeper's quarters. Puppies of all ages enjoyed the Waterfront Festival.


Photos by Robert Hall