Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse


The PLLPS joined the Kiwanis' Spirits of Point Lookout program this year to include a second ticketed event entitled "The Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse".  After many months of drought, we never imagined that the much needed rainfall would arrive on Friday, just in time for the first performance. The Spirits of Point Lookout walking tours, held at the picnic area of Point Lookout State Park, were canceled due to the weather and flooding conditions.  The tours at the lighthouse continued, and everyone involved did a tremendous job to make the event successful.

The Bay churns in the afternoon hours on Friday as a small taste of what to expect as the night wore on.....



The view from the second floor of the lighthouse on Friday around noon. A lone fisherman braves the wind and rain on the Bay before moving to the Potomac River so the wind would be to his back.

Participants in the Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse were treated to a variety of story lines and special effects, illustrating the history of the lighthouse and the Civil War. Stories of tragic shipwrecks, apparitions of former keepers and the intriguing tale of Captain Custis T. Burnett were told.  Point Lookout stood witness to the Civil War, with the lighthouse standing guard just outside of Hammond Hospital and Camp Hoffman, a prison for captured Confederate soldiers.


Ann Davis made appearances in the cupola
and amongst the visitors, ensuring that no
one harmed her lighthouse.

A Confederate Shrine, fit for an apparition, but only when the conditions are right....

An apparition, looking for her lost baby...


The Grim Reaper points the way to the show...and they candy.

Spirits volunteers gather on the porch for some last minute calm
before the Saturday evening performance, as the weather turned
on a dime from stormy to chilly.


We would like to thank our volunteers for their time under some really awful weather conditions- heavy rain on Friday night and wind and cold on Saturday night!