Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse 2008 Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse 2008

October 24-25, 2008

PLLPS once again teamed with the Kiwanis of St. Mary's County to perform the Spirits of Point Lookout Lighthouse. The weather on Friday night was chilly with a strong breeze. Saturday night was almost as cold, but with the added obstacle of rain showers and wind. A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped to put on the show! See the pictures that follow for hi-lites from the show. Also, we have included an EVP clip provided by Keith Springer; the clip was captured during the walking tour of Spirits of Point Lookout, but we wanted to include the clip so that Spirits participants could listen for themselves!

The lighthouse stands guard as the sun slowly sets.

The sky at dusk reveals the calm before the storm.

Re-enactors gather for a cookout on Saturday Afternoon

Spirits Volunteeers enjoying the cookout

PLLPS Members Kim Hammond, Buzz Hammond, and Dustin Rusk enjoy the cookout before Saturday night's performance.

A lone candle provides mood light for the visitors to the lighthouse

A keeper slumped over the radio after a long life of hard work

Visitors listen to the tale of the Express disaster, while Joseph Haney peers into the living room

Various parts Lurking in the Basement

An apothecary's table stands next to the seance table

The medium conjures the spirit of Captain Custis

Be careful not to look into the medium's eyes while she is conjuring!

Photos provided by Robert Hall

The following audio clip was provided by Keith Springer. The clip was captured at 8:04 pm on October 25, 2008, just after the Spirits walking tour began. The voice was recorded on the road to Fort Lincoln, just as the guide was telling the group to stay close and follow him. The voice apparently answers the guide and was not heard until the recording was reviewed later. Perhaps we had an unpaid participant on the 8 o'clock tour? Click on the link below to listen for yourself:

Walking Tour EVP