Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

About Us

The Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society, Inc. was formed in August, 2006 to assist with the restoration of the Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex, located in Scotland, Maryland, to its former glory, circa 1927.  The lighthouse was under Navy control until February 2006, when a formal agreement was signed to transfer ownership to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  The buoy and coal sheds, located to the south of the lighthouse, are also included in the agreement, however, the sheds will remain secured and off limits to the public until the structures can be made safe for visitors. The PLLPS, Inc. was formed to raise funds and to provide volunteers to restore the interior of the lighthouse and to provide educational displays to document the rich history of the lighthouse. PLLPS is the officially sanctioned "Friends of" group for the Point Lookout Lighthouse, and works in conjunction with the owners and caretakers of the lighthouse, the Point Lookout State Park and the Department of Natural Resources. Please note that the lighthouse is part of a Maryland State Park which charges entrance fees, which vary throughout the year; these fees help to support the park's operation. For details about the fees or for additional information about the Point Lookout State Park, please visit their website:


PLLPS Officers:

Robert Hall, President
Robert has been involved with the lighthouse since 1997, volunteering for events such as Ghost Walk, Open House, and Lighthouse Challenge.  Robert has conducted extensive research on the lighthouse and is currently writing a book about the lighthouse and keepers.

Treasurer, Chuck Kohls

Chuck has volunteer for PLLPS in various capacities over the years from book keeping, to hands on work, to being our grill master and preparing lunch on our work days to feed the hungry troops.

Secretary, Lisa Kane

Lisa Kane has been working with PLLPS on a number of projects, including bookkeeping, paranormal nights, open house and special events.

PLLPS Board of Directors:

Robert Hall

Robert has served as president of the PLLPS since 2006 and has enjoyed getting to know our wonderful volunteers and meeting visitors.

Kim Hammond

Kim has been with PLLPS since 2006 and also serves as our Director of Paranormal Investigations, coordinating and hosting the events.  Kim and her family are dedicated to preserving and restoring the lighthouse complex. 

Eunice Knott

Eunice lived in the lighthouse when her father, Herman Metivier, was the keeper.  Eunice volunteers at the Open House events, and we encourage you to stop by and ask her about growing up at the lighthouse, as she has fascinating stories about living in a lighthouse in such an isolated area.