Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

Fifth Annual Lighthouse Challenge 2007
September 15-16, 2007

Although the first day of the event started off with a little rain and some wind, the weather quickly cleared at the lighthouse with refreshing temperatures and a beautiful sky.  The second day of the Challenge was even cooler, with a gentle breeze, however, the breeze wasn't strong enough to keep the flies at bay!

On Saturday morning, we were joined by former residents Eunice Metivier Knott and her brother Ralph Metivier.  Their father, Herman Metivier, was the assistant keeper from 1939 until 1943; In 1943, Mr. Metivier was promoted to keeper and served until his retirement in 1954.  Kathy and John Handiboe joined us in the afternoon; Kathy is a direct descendent of William Yeatman, the longest serving keeper of the Point Lookout Lighthouse (1871-1908).

On Sunday, former park employee Marty Pratt visited the lighthouse with his family.  Jeff Gales, President of the United States Lighthouse Society, visited Point Lookout and was given a VIP tour of the coal and buoy sheds.

We counted 945 total visitors, with 528 on Saturday and 417 on Sunday.  A special thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a wonderful success!

Chapter Volunteer Chuck Kohls sells a t-shirt.

Chapter and PLLPS volunteer Sandra Sableski provides a welcoming smile and information about the lighthouse and the Chesapeake Chapter.


Chapter and PLLPS Volunteer Denise Reichard greets visitors while keeping track of statistics.


Chapter Volunteer Winnie Statzer, stamping a lighthouse passport.


Al King from Tampa, Florida was the first finisher at Point Lookout.  Congratulations Al!


Former Park Employee Marty Pratt poses for a picture in the north side living room. Marty worked in the park in the 1970s and early 1980s, and often slept in the lighthouse.


Among the many visitors was John Shuman's motorcycle group from Pennsylvania.


The Annapolis Harley Motorcycle club, outside the gate to the lighthouse.


The Prowler's Auto Club poses for a picture on the steps of the lighthouse.



Jeff Gales, President of the United States Lighthouse Society, with his wife Melissa, joined the Challenge from California.



Photos courtesy of Hobie Statzer and Robert Hall.

For additional pictures and information about the Challenge, please visit the Chapter's website at:




Congratulations to the Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society for a very successful 5th Lighthouse Challenge Event!