Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

July 12, 2010 July Open House Has Low Visitor Turnout

July 12, 2010

The July open house hosted 134 visitors, much lower than anticipated, however we suspect that the horrid summer heat kept a lot of visitors inside air conditioned venues! The slower day gave our volunteers a chance talk about their favorite lighthouse during the lulls. Our volunteers enjoyed the day, although one of our youngest, Lucas Marlatt, was happy when the open house ended so that we could "get to work now". We hope he continues this enthusiasm and energy for many years to come! Dustin took the time to pass the torch of knowledge on to our newest volunteer, Lucas Marlatt. We also welcomed new volunteers Nita Roush and Judy Sykes, who worked in the PLLPS gift shop.

We also want to send out best wishes to our treasurer Barbara Loukota who is recovering in the hospital.

Chuck Kohls wearing one of his ever "colorful" t-shirts.

Dustin chats with Lucas about the lighthouse.

Dustin Rusk and Lucas Marlatt mug for the camera on the Potomac Side Porch.

Terry keeps watch over the penny machine, the yuccas and cacti. Terry's adopt-a-plant program has been very successful.

Eunice Knott shares her experiences of living in the lighthouse with visitors.

New volunteers Nita Roush and Judy Sykes work the gift shop. Welcome aboard!

Photos by Ryan Marlatt