Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

July 11, 2009 PLLPS Hosts First Wedding at Lighthouse

August 21, 2010

Earlier in 2010, PLLPS received a special request from Mary Carothers to host her nuptials with Greg Ricketts on the Point Lookout Lighthouse Grounds. The Point Lookout Lighthouse has special meaning for Mary, as it was her mother's favorite place. Her mother even lived on Point Lookout Road until she passed away in 2000. PLLPS worked with Mary to ensure that her special day would be care-free and memorable. The weather was perfect, slightly warm with just a few clouds to keep it from getting unbearably hot. A stretch limo escorted many of the wedding party to and from the lighthouse while others drove themselves to the lighthouse. Anticipation grew until we heard the wedding music and the bride appeared from the north side sidewalk, joining her fiance Greg at the base of the steps of the lighthouse. The ceremony was very touching with a combination of traditional elements along with very personalized portions of the program, with blessings being offered to our soldiers and their families. During the ceremony, a flock of birds flew by in formation as if they were adding their approval to the blessed event unfolding below their flight. After the wedding, everyone went to the American Legion in Ridge to continue the celebration.

And it wouldn't be Point Lookout Lighthouse without a tale of the paranormal....the officiate, Larry Kroll, had some special help with turning the program pages! Groom Greg thinks it was just the slight breeze being helpful but we know that everyone present appreciated the surroundings and sharing such a wonderful day with friends and family.

The wedding program contained a special note to all that we found particularly inspiring and would like to share with you here:

Thank you so much to all of you who came to join us and celebrate with us our special day. We are very blessed to have found each other's friendship and love at a time in our lives when we didn't expect such a special love to form. Life is just full of surprises! DON'T WORRY ~ BE HAPPY!!

The bride, groom and all the guests were beaming with pride and happiness that these two wonderful people found each other in this sometimes crazy - but ultimately wonderful- world that we live in.

We wish the happy couple every happiness and we know that they are blessed with many wonderful family and friends. We would like to thank Mary and Greg for their very generous donation to PLLPS to help us with our mission to restore the lighthouse to the 1927 era.

Early guests anticipate the bride's arrival.

Guests arrive outside the gate by white limo.

With over 70 guests in attendance, some participants brought additional chairs.

The limo waits outside the lighthouse.

The anticipation builds as the guests gather on the Chesapeake Bay side of the lighthouse.

The bride is escorted by Thomas Warren and Jonathan Carothers.

Mary joins Greg at the alter at the base of the lighthouse steps.

Larry Kroll coordinates the wedding while imparting words of wisdom about how to have a happy marriage.

A view from the porch of the happy couple exchanging vows.

The exchange of rings joins the couple in matrimony.

The marriage is sealed with a kiss.

The happy couple walk the white wedding aisle as friends cheer the newlyweds on!

Everyone scrambles for a picture of the newly wedded couple.

The tour boat to the eastern shore sails up the Potomac River. We hope they enjoyed the ceremony as the boat rounded the point.

Clouds begin to build as some guests look down from the lantern room. Even the looming clouds could not dampen the spirits on this happy day.

The wedding party poses for the official pictures on the lighthouse lawn. Special thanks to PLLPS volunteer Ralph Bloor for mowing the lawn the day before the ceremony.

Photos by Robert Hall